Thursday, September 15, 2011

Finally finished!

I am so happy I finally finished this little bishop, so I can start on the next!  My sister swears her granddaughter wears a size 3, but she must be incredibly short, because this only measures 18" from neck to hem line.  It makes it look a little wide.  Oh well, I put a hefty 6" hem in it, so they can certainly hang on to it and let it out later if needed.  I have made this watermelon pattern before on a white pique dress, and it was beautiful.  This one is a baby blue batiste.  Although the colors are not as bright, it is still very sweet.  I've been smocking since my daughter was a year old.  She, of course, has outgrown these little heirlooms, so I make them for others.  My friend, Tawaney, has a little girl, Gracie, who has no problem being my guinea pig for new dresses.  And, like my little guy, she has very specific ideas of what she likes.  The best part is seeing her reaction when she sees them for the first time.  I'll have to post some pics of her in her dresses.  Tawaney is always sweet to send me pictures of EVERY dress I make.  She's the only one who does that, and it really means a lot to me.  In fact, the white watermelon pique dress was one I had done for Gracie.  She has outgrown it, so Tawaney wants me to turn it into a top.  I've been working on that now for quite some time.  I thought it would be really cute to smock right about waist high, but it is a pain to run through my pleater.  I need another pair of hands to help pleat the bottom to keep it straight.  But that's for another post!


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