Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sleepy Time!

When I had my first child, a close friend made two baby blankets for me for each child that I absolutely loved, and I still have 2 of these left out of 4.  They were soft, original and much larger than the store bought ones.  They measured almost 45" square.  So I thought why not make these as gifts for new babes.  I began making them with lace around the edges sometimes weaving ribbon through french lace beading.  Once I was quite comfortable, I experimented with other styles.  I've used blanket binding (super easy), and I've also used fabric to simulate a binding as shown in these pics.  I simply cut the inside fabric roughly 3 inches shorter all the way around.  Then "encased" the top fabric with the bottom mitering the corners.  Stitch very close to the edge of the "binding" and right on top of the mitered corner to keep it in place.  I'll have a tutorial on these very soon.  I have to make one first so I can post pictures. 
And right now, I have no new babies on my list.  I use 100% cotton fabrics so they are super soft.  I will normally make two for each baby.  One for summer using light weight cotton fabrics, and one for winter using flannel fabrics.  The flannels have gotten the best overall reviews.  The pink one pictured is made from light weight cotton, and the blue one is flannel.  There are so many variations from which to choose.  Just use a little imagination.  I always pre-wash my fabric before cutting to minimize shrinkage.  They are machine washable in cold water and dry on low heat.  I've accidentally dried mine on high heat before with no problem.  But there is always that chance.  So better to err on the side of caution.  Angela


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