Monday, September 26, 2011


I had tried my hand several times at quilting.  I have a queen and king size put away, and I recently made one for Robbie for his room.  But I thought I'd like to try one for a baby, plus I wanted to try my new embroidery designs I had just gotten from bigB.  Rob's cousin had just had a baby boy, so I thought the timing was perfect.  And I knew if it wasn't perfect, they would never tell me.  So I first chose the designs I wanted to incorporate, then cut the interior squares.  I had just gotten the Amy Butler Daisy Chain fabric and was excited to put it to use.  I gathered all my scraps and went to work.  I was not happy that two of my middle squares did not line up at the points, and my miter corners left a lot to be desired.  But for my first mitered corners, I guess it wasn't hideous.  It certainly could have been a lot worse.  I will definitely make one of these again.  A


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