Thursday, September 29, 2011

I want my Mummy!

Robbie had a book parade a couple of years ago at school, and he wanted to be a mummy.  The idea behind the book parade is to dress up as one of your favorite characters.  He chose the book "Where's my Mummy?"  Of course, my only notice came the day before!!!!  So I had to think super fast on my feet and scramble to get his costume ready.  I grabbed an old king size sheet and started ripping it into strips.  I used 3" strips for his arms and legs, 4" for his head and shoulders and about 6" for the torso.  I just started wrapping these strips around every inch of his body.  He absolutely did not want anything on his face except that one little strip across his nose which totally frustrated me, but it was his costume.  I let him do it his way.  I had to be very careful, especially around his neck, not to get the strips too tight around him.  Of course, it made them really loose, so they would fall. I had to put safety pins in certain areas to keep it from falling down.  I would loved to have soaked these in tea to get that old vintage mummy look, but I simply had no time.  I even tried to convince him to replicate this for Halloween so I would have time to tea soak the strips.  But he was having none of that.  He wanted to be a vampire.  Sheesh, can't I get a break.  Why on earth can't they wear these costumes more than once??  I still have the strips though.  And one of these days, I'll soak them.  I believe if he sees how good it looks, he'll be more inclined to actually wear it again.  Plus, I'll have much more time to tweak the whole outfit.   He did look really cute and got tons of compliments which thoroughly pleased him.  I guess that's all a mom could really ask for.   This year he wants to be a werewolf.  That will be easy.  We've already bought the mask and shirt.  A ripped pair of jeans and a little make-up should finish the look quite nicely.  Angela


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