Thursday, September 15, 2011

Make-up pouches anyone?

These are make-up pouches I began making right before last Christmas.  I gave several monogrammed ones as gifts.  They are quilted and very roomy.  They are easy to make using scrap fabrics you have lying around.  I actually got this pattern from Colonial Quilts in a class I took after buying my Bernina Serger.  This bag can be constructed completely with a serger; no sewing machine required.  Although, I use my sewing machine to attach the zipper, then serge the edges for a clean look.  The original bag was much smaller and was used to hold all of my serging accessories.  But I thought it would be great as a make-up pouch, so I modified it to make it larger.  This was the end result.  I guess you could use one color fabric, but I kinda like the different colors and prints.  It gives the bag a little character, don't ya think?  I'll have some posted on my Etsy account soon.  I posted some last Christmas, but I ran out and hadn't made anymore until this year.


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