Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Almost done!

I had a horrible time trying to find little pearls small enough to look like fish bubbles, so I could finish this bishop.  I tried to "eyeball" the first two attempts then thought I'd be better served actually taking the dress with me to get the right size.  Voila!  It worked.  Imagine that! (lol)  Perhaps that should have been my first thought.  Anyway, I finally got the right size, but these little jokers are tiny!  I don't have a single needle in my stash that will go through the opening.  So I thread my needle, make a satin stitch, unthread the needle, manually thread the bead, then re-thread my needle to make my finishing cable stitch - on every single pearl!  It's very time consuming.  I'd have finished this thing in no time yesterday if I had the right needle.  I still would have had to thread and re-thread needles, but that would have been much easier than trying to thread the little bead.  So guess what's next on my list of things to have on hand - you got it - a collapsible needle!!  Then to make matters worse, I spilled the entire container in my lap in my car yesterday as I was sitting in carpool when the bottom fell out.  Who in the world makes a container with a top and bottom that are removable???  Especially when the bottom piece just sort of fits into the bottom with no reinforcement whatsoever.  Really??  Really??  You know I was thinking some ugly, ugly words.  I don't remember saying any........but I was surely thinking them.  I thought I would die trying to pick them all up.  I still have a mess of them in my seat.  I'm surprised they weren't sticking to my butt when I got out of my car.  And with the comedians I live with, I would never, ever have lived it down.  I was so mad yesterday when I got home, I just didn't want to go out there to mess with it.  I will not buy that brand of beads again -EVER. 

As for the two other containers of pearls that didn't fit, I plan to use those for little necklaces or bracelets if time permits.  I can't wait to tackle yet another project.  I am a glutton for punishment!



  1. Hi Angela - the beads are going to be so beautiful, a lot of work but beautiful! I would love to start using some beads in my embroidery - it looks really pretty.

  2. They would look great on your Christmas stocking pattern with the lattice work - right at the points in lieu of a connecting stitch. Ooh, and the ornaments I bet would look great with beading too.