Friday, October 28, 2011

Robbie's Haunted Village is Finished!!

Well almost......I picked up some other stuff at the dollar store this morning that I thought would look way cool, plus we didn't find the werewolf, mummy or the skeletons he wanted.  The mummy is lying on the hearth to the right.  I'll have to find a sarcophagus for him.  Then I can add him.

This is it's final resting place, but it's hard to see especially with my floral arrangement right behind it.  The picture below was taken outside on my front porch, but I hadn't put the cats and pumpkins on it yet.

This picture is Robbie's favorite part of the whole village - Dracula's Castle.  You can see his little legs in the background!  He actually helped paint it.  Not bad for a 7 year old.  I think we'll have to move that big spider to another place, because it covers Dracula. and his coffin.

This is a close up of Dracula and his castle & coffin.  If you look closely, you can see a big bat on the corner of the castle.

  But here is a really good close up if you can't  Look at those red eyes!

 This is a close up of the ghosts and black birds hanging from Dracula's tree.

If you look at the back left side in this picture, you'll see a hump.  That is the spot for Robbie's werewolf when we find one.  Eventually, we'll have him up there howling at a moon.  I'll either hang a moon from wire or paint it on a backdrop.  Right in front of that will be our graveyard.  We only have a couple of markers right now (not pictured here), but I found another today at the dollar store.  We'll keep adding to it, then put a spooky fence around that section.

This idea originally came from here.  Robbie didn't think it was scary enough, so he designed his own using the original as a guide.  He literally sat down and sketched out his design in great detail.  At some point, we'll add some spooky moss to the trees.  Incidentally, these are branches we gathered from outside and painted black, then I simply hot glued them to holes that I drilled in the board.  There is one on the left that has a real spider web!  I left it on and it actually looks great painted black.  It's just really small, so it's hard to see.  Robbie was very pleased with that!  Woohoo.

Thank Heavens it is finally complete - at least for now.  But you know I'm a glutton for punishment, so I'm sure he'll keep wanting to add things NOW, RIGHT NOW rather than wait and add a little every year.  He is so impatient.  I have no idea where he gets that from!  :)


  1. This looks SO good - and scary! Robbie is really talented! My favorite part is the castle and the black birds - I love the roofs on everything too. This will be so fun to add items too as well. What sort of paint did you use on the branches? I want to paint some branches to put in a large vase. I am thinking white or silver or gold. Did you use acrylic spray paint?

  2. I used Krylon indoor/outdoor gloss black spray paint. I thought the gloss black would give it an eerie look, but it didn't really turn out glossy. Flat black would probably work just as well. Because the branches were so flimsy, I chose spray paint over brush on.