Friday, October 7, 2011


My daughter is a Junior at UGA - Go Dawgs!  Yeah, I'm a proud mom and a huge fan of college football.  Could you tell?  Anyway, my little guy, who thinks his sister hung the moon, likes all things Georgia - and I mean ALL things.  You'd think HE was the UGA student.  I recently took a class on making boxers (you've seen my prior post), and he didn't want to be left out.  He wanted a pair but was insistent on having UGA fabric.  And not just any UGA fabric - it had to be THE right fabric.  He had to go with me to the fabric store to choose it himself!  I've created a monster.  lol  After a painfully long time searching Joannes' many shelves of fabrics, this pattern was his choice.  I bought enough to make 6 pair (for Christmas gifts) and ran for the door in case he decided to change his mind.  Once I had them finished, they were entirely too big and nearly fell off.  He is sooooo skinny.  Poor little guy.  So I put my favorite tool to use again - my seam ripper.  I had to take out just enough to pull the elastic a smidge tighter.  He confiscated them the minute I had them completed, so I couldn't get a picture.  I had to wait until I completed these.  He wanted me to make a pair for his best friend, Lincoln, too.  His mom sent me a pic of him wearing his, but I don't think he'd want me posting it for all the world to see.  But they were cute!  I have one more pair to make in this fabric, then I'll probably make a few more for the older guys on my list - no fabric yet.  I've also had requests from my girls.  I'm thinking if Britt is buying for college friends, these would be perfect.  I can picture these in a cute UGA pink flannel or even something along the lines of big polka dots or even something retro.  That's half the fun for me - choosing the right fabric.  OTOH, is there really a wrong fabric for boxers?  I think not.  Oh, and since these have 6 sections, they are really cute with coordinating fabrics.  They can also be lengthened to make sleep pants.  The ideas are endless.  This will probably wind up being one of my favorite patterns, since it's so versatile. 



  1. Hi Angela,
    What a fun project! I think my seam ripper is my favorite tool too :) It looks like a really nice pattern and I think these would be nice as sleep pants too!

  2. Thanks Kim. I already have ideas with pajama pants. I hate the elastic, so I'm thinking draw string would work nicely!