Monday, October 17, 2011

The Finished Room

I absolutely need a new camera.  These are the pics, but they aren't as good as I had hoped.  You really can't see the detail in the bed skirt's main fabric.  It's just looks like plain blue, but there really is a subtle pattern.  We made the bed skirt, shams, the hourglass pillow from Amy Butler, and the headboard.  I'll address the details of the headboard in another post.  I originally made the bed skirt 14" long (that's a long story).  Anyway, when I got to Athens to put it on the bed, Britt told me she wanted to elevate the bed, so she could store things under it.  Her closet and storage space is very limited.  I half expected that, so I had incorporated a 1" hem in the skirt - just in case. That's why if you look closely, you can see the hem line and you can see those stupid bed risers - I hate those.  I was pressed for time and didn't have enough time to iron the skirt really well.  At least you can see what I was trying to accomplish with the box pleats.  The next pic shows the little upholstery nails we used to keep the skirt in place. (Don't look at the lint from her blanket!) It's hard to see, but I used a 3" band at the top of the bed skirt on all 3 pieces (2 sides and bottom).  Then I simply nailed a piece of floral fabric at the corners already hemmed on 3 sides.  We used covered buttons and stitched those to the pleats to keep them open.  I opted not to use button holes in case she wanted to change it later. The third pic is a close up of the pleat. The rest of the pics are close ups of the headboard and pillows.  I did not have the right hangers to hang the head board while I was there, so she had her dad hang it when he came up the following week.  Unfortunately, they hung it too high.  In addition, I made it too wide.  The edge should not be seen.  It should be tucked in behind the pillows and mattress.  Or I should have brought the molding all the way to the floor.  We also decided we didn't like our fabric choice for the center piece.  So we will change it to the green checked fabric on the hourglass pillow.  Also, there are 3 fabric covered buttons that are right in the middle of the headboard that are covered by the shams.  So, I'll need to put a few more at the top where they'll be seen.  She'll be moving in a few months to another house, so we'll fix everything then.  All in all, for the money we spent, I was quite pleased with the overall results.  I'm just not super happy about some of the details.  At least now, I know how to do it again should I choose to.  Other than the hourglass pillow, I did everything from scratch without a pattern.  BTW, we found the secretary at an estate sale.  It's over 100 years old.  We took a swatch of the fabric and matched the paint color which is the same color on the headboard.  Her TV fit quite nicely on the bottom shelf.


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