Thursday, October 6, 2011

Another one bites the dust.

 Another Christmas gift is finished.  Woohoo!!!  I made these matching kitchen towels and hot pads for Rob's Aunt Marian.  She is so sweet.  We really love her.  Anyway, her kitchen colors are cranberry and green, so I searched and searched for the perfect fabric.  The towel tutorial can be found here.  I'll have to find the link for the pot holders.  I thought it was on my computer at the office, but alas, it must be on my computer at home.  Time for a laptop perhaps?  The potholders have a pocket on one end.  I've tried making them with two pockets, in fact, that's what I use at home. hands are really small, so it's hard to grasp a pot while trying to remove it from the oven.  So I thought it best to make just one pocket for Aunt Marian,

since her hands are really small too.  The pot holder on the right in the picture above is the flip side of the one in the photo to the right.  Basically, the pocket fabric is the same as the fabric on the back.  I bought the waffle towels from Wal-mart for about $3.00.  The fabric for the pot holders and towels were 2 fat quarters I picked up from Colonial Quilts in Savannah.  I don't like waffle weave for every day clean up kitchen towels especially on granite counter tops, but they make wonderful decorative towels.  I may even make some for my own kitchen one day, but for now, I have an unfinished stack of projects for Christmas that have to get done.  It's getting harder to find time for these between shuttling kids to/from school, karate, and church.  But I always seem to find time to sew even if it's just for an hour or so.  It keeps me sane!  Plus I've thought of a new idea of putting silhouettes on pillows; I don't know who would get them yet.  But I'm going to make them for someone!  So I finish one project and add two more.  No wonder my pile never seems to get smaller!



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