Monday, November 7, 2011

Baby daygown....sneak peak.

This is my first attempt at making a daygown.  I've always made bishops even for newborns.  So I thought I'd try my hand, and I really like it thus far.  I'm using this pattern.  It's fairly simple thus far; although, I had some trouble with lining up the pin tucks at the top.  I'm hoping I'll correct this when I add the collar, or at the very least, it'll be less noticeable.  The embroidery design came with the pattern and are done in between the pin tucks and button holes on both sides.  I finished the embroidery last night, and it looks so sweet.  I love the little pinwheel posies.  I used this same embroidery stitch on my daisy purse.

Here is another, larger view of the stitch.  The posy is the very center of my daisy with french knots inside the circle.  I've tried to find a tutorial on this, but alas, there is none. Had I known that, I would have snapped pics and posted one.  I'll try to do that later today or tomorrow.  Basically, you draw a circle of the basic size of your posy onto your fabric.  Then insert 2 pins into the fabric inside the circle to form an +.  Next, bring your needle up at the point to the left of the top pin. Take your thread under the pins to make your circle.  Make certain your thread is under all the pins.  I only wrapped 4 times on the day gown, because I wanted smaller posies.  I wrapped lots of times for my daisy, because I wanted it to pop.  Once you are finished wrapping your thread, bring your thread down at the same place where you initially came up.  Then you'll need to anchor your posy.  To do this, make small stitches at each point where your pins come together.  You can see the anchor stitches (there are 4) in the daisy picture above.

Hopefully, I'll have a tutorial on this today or tomorrow.  It's really easy!



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