Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Nothing to do with sewing!

I went shopping for one of those Hot Wheels Stealth Riders - the Batman one- and was having a hard time locating one.  Or should I say, locating one that was less than $50.  These originally sold at Wal-Mart, Target or Toys R Us for $15 - $25.  I know, because I bought one early on.  Then I guess they became so popular, people started price gouging.  I was undeterred though and found one reasonably priced right here.   Not only did they have them in stock and priced at $22, but the shipping was fantastic.  I received my order in 2 days.  I was very excited and wanted to share my experience.  So if you are looking for one of these, and they are extremely popular, try  They have lots of other stuff too. I didn't check pricing on the other stuff, but I would imagine they are equally reasonable.  Shipping is free over $49, but I actually paid $4.99.   So for $27, I found just what I wanted and didn't break the bank.  Give them a try.  I have no stock in them.  I just like to pass along good information to others who may benefit.



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