Thursday, November 10, 2011

The newest addition to our family!!

Isn't she sweet?  This is Gabby and Robbie.  We picked her up Tuesday, and she is so adorable.  She's a 9 week old dachshund.  I love her coloring.  She gets mistaken for a beagle a lot!

We lost our chocolate lab in June after 14 years.  We were all devastated, but Robbie took it the hardest.  He cried for days.  Then our totally awesome neighbors bought this book for him.  Once he realized that Snickers was in heaven having loads of fun jumping on the clouds, he felt much better.  He knows he'll see her again someday.

I couldn't stomach the idea of a new dog for a few months.  But when I saw Gabby's picture, I knew we had to have her.  These two are totally in love and inseparable.  She loves chewing on Robbie's ear.  Go figure.  Welcome home little bit - welcome home.


1 comment:

  1. What a sweet puppy! I love her coloring too.
    I'm so sorry to hear about Snickers.