Monday, November 14, 2011

Sneak peak!

I bought this fabric Saturday.  The two on the left will be scarves, the two in the middle will be more boxers and the white linen on the right will be embroidered pillow cases.  I have a really great idea to incorporate red work with pin tucks and a ferrell (spelling?) seam.  I'll have a tutorial on these in a week or so.  I'll be snapping pics as I go.  I cut most of the pieces yesterday but then discovered that the person who cut the fabric, cut it 2 inches too short!  I was so aggravated.  So I thought rather than having one long piece that I just fold back to be the outer lip like a cuff, I would just sew a piece to the end then fold it back on the seam to hide it.  I thought it would be easier to embroider that way too.  But I only had enough for one piece.  And then, like an idiot, I forgot that it needed to be cut on the fold and lopped it off instead.  *&^%!  I hate it when I do that.  So, I'll go back today and get enough for those outer lips.  That's what I get for getting in a hurry. The left over scraps will not go to waste though.  I will be making hankies with those.  I am learning how to tat, so I'll be able to add a tatted edging.  I'll also finish up my day gown with the tatting.  That one isn't a Christmas gift anyway, so it can wait a while.  There is the cutest pattern for a hanky bonnet in one of the tatting books I just got.  You make the hanky into a bonnet for baby, then when baby gets married, you snip the threads and turn it back into a hanky for her wedding day!  That is a fabulous idea and can't wait to make one.

These two will be scarves using an Amy Butler pattern.  I'll probably have these done this week.  It's a very easy pattern.  The bright orange will be for a friend of Britt's who is also an Auburn Tiger.  I thought it would be precious for a ball game.

The two fabrics on top will be boxers for my nephews.  I hope they have a sense of humor.  The girl cutting the fabric thought it was a gag gift, but I am dead serious. No one else will have a pair like them!  They are boxers for crying out loud.  Aren't they supposed to be fun?!


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