Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Stupid Pillow Case

I snapped this picture right before I threw the now infamous pillow case into the wash.  I had already tried twice to dampen the case with water to remove the blue marks.  They just kept coming back.  Anyway, I have 3 pintucks in red and then stitched the folded seam in red thread.  I really wanted the pop effect.  Those didn't bleed!   I realized, however, that pintucks are much easier and prettier in white thread.  It is really hard to keep the fabric moving straight under the presser foot with those tiny little tucks.  The white thread isn't too noticeable if you don't have a perfectly straight stitch.  I can't say the same about the red.  I was going to rip out the seam because I didn't like how crooked it looked.  Of course, that was before the bleeding fiasco this weekend.  I still may rip it out and just redo the embroidery part and simply re-attach it.  Luckily for me (did I say luckily?), the red only bled on that part.  The rest of the case is salvageable.  And you may also have noticed that I uploaded a picture which means I have a USB cable.  Yay!  I found it late yesterday following my little tantrum.  I did feel better though afterward.  I guess we all need those at times - even us adults.  Although, I wasn't really acting like one after I washed the pillow case.  lol.  I think I may try Pearl Cotton this time in lieu of the silk.  I will definitely test it first in the wash with the same fabric BEFORE I put one stitch in the new pillow case.  We don't want a repeat, because I'm afraid my tantrum next time will be full blown! 



  1. Hi Angela, You really need to submerge the item into cold water (no soap) and swish it around and leave it for a couple of minutes to get the blue fabric marker out. The problem you are having is....you are not getting the chemical out, just dispersing it. I like your cute projects.

  2. Thank you Jeannie. You are right. The blue just gets bigger and bigger! I'll try submerging it next time. Except, I'll test the color on the floss first! lol I'm going to the
    fabric store today to get more linen to try again. I'll go back to my DMC floss in place of the silk.

  3. P.S. I love your blog Jeannie! It's been a while since I've done lace to entredeux, so I visit your site often for guidance.