Monday, February 1, 2016

Cross Body Lunch Bag

I had a request from my niece for a cross body lunch bag that would carry not only her lunch but a book as well.  I found a cute tute for a bento bag and thought it would be perfect.

I simply lengthened the strap and we were in business.

This is the top view.

And top view opened.
I liked that it completely opened for plenty of room.  I used a bright red ripstop for the lining.  I don't think this one was thick enough, so I'll use something different next time.

I also did not like that the zipper doesn't go all the way to the edges.  I couldn't find any zipper stops in town and I didn't have time to order any, but I'll do that differently if I make this bag again.

I had some left over faux leather from Robbie's Halloween costume and thought it was perfect for the coordinating fabric. It's hard to see in the pic, but it's the black pieces. :)

I really love the design of the bag and think my niece will love it.  It was very easy to make, and the instructions were easy to follow.  I would make this again.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Apple Core Quilt Finished

I finally got this to my MIL and can now show all of you!  If you recall from an earlier post, I used vintage fabrics my MIL gave me that belonged to her mom and grandmother.  She loved it!

I have to give a huge shout out to The Quilting Gypsy, Lynette Edens, for a great job on quilting it for me.
And from the back.  Don't you love her choice.  She had creative license on the pattern.  I love what she chose.
I had all of our initials monogrammed on the back along with the month and year I finished it.  I also made a quilt label but didn't get a pic of that.

I love how this turned out, and I hope she will get much use from it.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

McCall's 4060 Ladies Shorts

I used this pattern quite a bit for Christmas this year.  I couldn't post this pair until after Christmas since they were for my DD and she reads my blog.  This is a really bright orange cotton fabric I found at Joann's and loved it.  I had the white dot fabric left over from another project as well as the ribbon.  I thought they all went quite well together.

As usual, I shortened the length considerably then added the ruffle to the legs.  If I recall correctly, I shortened by 4".  I also shortened the waist, since she likes to wear them lower on the hips.  These really sit high up on the waist.  I shortened by 3" at first then took off another 2.5" to add the top band.  Again, I'm going by memory, and that is dangerous. :)

I hope your Christmas and New Year's holidays were fantastic!

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