Saturday, May 16, 2015

UGA Makeup Pouch (pleated)

School will be out in just a 2 weeks!  My, the time has flown this year.  I think it gets worse as we get older.  But I digress.....

We always like to send gifts to Robbie's teachers at the end of the year.  This one is for his math teacher.  She is, like us, a big UGA fan.  Robbie struggled in math this year, and Mrs. Parr helped him so much.  This is just a small token of our sincere appreciation. 

This pouch is pleated to allow for expansion when filled.  It is lined, and the seams inside are bound with bias tape.  You could serge them, but the bound seams just look nicer to me.

The tutorial for this pouch can be found at Sew4Home.  She has a really cool way of attaching the zipper.  This one took roughly an hour to complete once the pieces were all cut.  It's a very simple project and perfect for a beginner.

Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Patchwork Teddy Bear for Threads of Love

My new machine came in last weekend, and this is the first project sewn with her. 

I have never made a teddy bear before. I have quite a few little areas that need improvement. We had two boxes of donated wedding gowns and bridesmaids dresses and the fabric has been too heavy to make TOL gowns. I thought this bear would be perfect to use those fabrics. It took me almost 5 hours to complete, so I won't be doing many of these. And because they require so much polyfil, it gets quite expensive too.

The pattern is a free McCalls pattern and it calls for gluing the eyes and nose on. I didn't like that, so I machine stitched the buttons and hand stitched the nose. It also has you hand stitch the arms in place. They are so close to the neckline, I think next time I will machine stitch them to the body before hand stitching on the head.

He's pretty large and will go to the pediatric ward at the hospital.

I think for my first bear, he turned out pretty good.  As long as he makes a little child at the hospital happy, that's all that matters.


Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sewing Machine-less!!

I have been the proud owner of a Viking 500 Computer machine for 20+ years.  That machine has been a real trooper with all the sewing I put her through.  Poor baby just didn't have it in her any longer.  She was put out to pasture earlier this month. 

I have a new Viking Sapphire on order, but she won't arrive until later this month.

I have been sewing on my back up Janome machine, until today.  She was acting up yesterday and just decided she had had it too.  Luckily, I think she just needs some TLC from our local dealer to get her back up to speed.

What does that mean for me you ask??  I have no sewing machine.  :(  Which means all my projects including my dress form are on hold.  I'm hoping my Janome won't be in the shop very long, and she'll be home soon purring along.  And I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my Sapphire.

Until then, I'll have to do some hand work to get my fix.  Maybe some tatting will do the trick.  I have some new pillow cases in mind for my master bedroom maker over, so maybe I'll get that going.

Hope to see you back her soon with some finished projects.