Monday, August 22, 2016

Creations by Michie' Bubble pattern #142

This sweet baby girl turned 1 Saturday and she had to have a birthday bubble.  So her surrogate Mimi went to work.

I love bubbles on little girls and thought this pattern would be perfect.  I used ric rac to adorn the angel sleeve version.  I made the 18 mos, because there wasn't a lot of difference in overall width from the 12 to 18.  I thought she could use the extra length and make it last longer than a season.

The smocking plate is "Happy Birthday" by Ellen McCarn.  There were three candles on the cake in the pattern, but I used only one. I had to omit some rows to make it work for this little bishop.

The colors are so bright and cheerful, don't you think?

I'd definitely make this bubble again.  It was really easy to put together.  I used Martha's seamless pleating method and liked it a lot.  I need more practice but it will become my new favorite method to pleat.

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Friday, August 19, 2016

Gym Bag - Craftsy Class

If you haven't tried a class on the Craftsy platform, I encourage you to try one.  They have some really good ones, and this one is no exception.  It's Sew Better Bags: The Weekend Duffle by Betz White.  Betz has a wonderful teaching style.

There are two sizes of bags in the class, and I chose the larger.  I have so much gym stuff and need the extra room when I pack a change of clothes and shoes.  A pair of boots would also fit in this bag when fall arrives.

On the outside, there are two pockets.  You have a choice of a bellow style or pleated style.  I chose the latter.  There is also an option for magnetic snap closure or a twist lock.  I wanted something easy so chose the magnetic snaps.  It didn't hurt that I already had them on hand.  :)  The pockets are large enough to hold my work out gloves in one and my cell phone and keys in the other.

Here it is closed.  That little blue pouch hold my ear buds.  I'll eventually make one to match the bag.  I should have just enough fabric left over.

The inside has one zippered pocket.  I keep small items in here - safety pin, money, hygiene products, etc.

I had this really large zipper on hand too.

All the other hardware came from The Ohio Travel Bag Company.

I really like the padded handles too.  They are wide enough that I can sling it over my shoulder without using the shoulder strap and the padding is comfy on my shoulder.

The only thing I did differently than Betz was to set the lining in.  I learned it this way on another Amy Butler bag I made a while ago and liked it better.

The only thing I would do differently next time is shorten the shoulder strap.  It is way too long for me at 5'4".  I would also add an end pocket to hold my water bottle.  Other than that, it has just enough pockets for all my stuff and plenty of room for just about anything else I could throw in.

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Make-up Bag

My daughter, Britt, needed a new make-up bag but wanted one that would stand up when opened.  I had that I use that fit the bill, but it was a little small.  But I liked the shape and thought I could work with it.

I measured it out and decided it needed to be 2 inches longer and 1 inch wider.  I liked the height so didn't change that. If I recall, this measures 11" x 6" and 2.5" wide.

And basically, it's 5 pieces.  The two side pieces, the boxing, zipper facing and handle.  And I added piping for even more stability.  This fabric was home dec that I found at Joann's and used to make a gym bag.  I'll post that one later.  All pieces are interfaced.  I used Pellon SF101 for the lining and fusible fleece for the outer pieces.

This is the inside.  That is also home dec fabric from Joann's.  The outer bag and lining are constructed separately and the lining is set in and hand stitched to the zipper.

It was a very simple bag to make.  Sorry I didn't take pictures along the way.  I wasn't sure how it would turn out. LOL

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