Friday, September 11, 2015

Marvel Comic Book Fabric - First Choice Boxers

6 pair of First Choice Boxers using this totally awesome Marvel Comic Book fabric that I found at Hancock's.  I love this fabric so much, I would wear something made from it if I could!

Boxers are a hit for Christmas for all my guy gifts.  I usually find some pretty cool fabric when I'm on the hunt, and this was no exception.  I absolutely had to have this fabric.  I think boys and men would like this fabric.  It's not too juvenile.  I hope all my guys love it as much as I do.

First Choice Boxers is my go to pattern for boxers for guys.  It has a panel in the seat eliminating the seam that can ride and be uncomfortable.  This pattern is not as good for my girls.  I guess our bottoms aren't made for them. LOL  First Choice comes in adult sizes and well as kids sizes, so it's easy to find any size.

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Ear Bud Case

Another Christmas present.  Can't say who this if for yet, because I don't know.  I found the tutorial here for these.  Except this one is a bit larger.  The original size is great for regular ear buds, but it's too small for the kind that fit over your ear.  My circle measured 5", and I used a 7" zipper.

Other than that small change, I used her directions.

These are my ear phones.  As you can see the ear pieces are much larger than the standard ear buds.  There is also that little contraption for my lifeproof case.
These don't fit very nicely in the standard sized earbud case. I have to push and squeeze to get these in the case.  I'm afraid I'm going to break them.
They have lots of room in the new case.  This one isn't mine, but now I will make one since I know they will have much more room. :)

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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Iron Caddy

I found this tutorial for this iron tote and thought it would be great to take my iron to and from my Threads of Love meetings.

I could not get mine to wrap to the front like she did.  So I folded it a bit differently and managed to get the folds and buttons on the ends.

I also round my corners rather than cutting them at an angle.  It made it easier to apply the bias and I just liked it that way.  My Rowenta fits quite nicely inside, and I have enough room to put my water cup in there too.

When it's opened, it makes a great press mat.  It isn't large, but it's great for the little TOL dresses.

And the other side.

And when I'm not using it, it folds up into this little ball for easy storage.

I love my little iron caddy.  I will get to use it for the first time this evening.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Slipcover - The hardest chair ever!!

This was by far the hardest piece for which I have made a slipcover.

This chair had so many curves.  I used the pin fit method for the whole thing.  This is a white linen which only added to the difficulty level.

When I got to the skirt, I had to decide whether to make a tuxedo skirt or a continuous one.  Because this chair dipped in the back, I chose the continuous skirt.  I thought it would be less noticeable than the tuxedo.  Plus the tuxedo skirt would have been a bear to try to match.  I really think a gathered or pleated skirt would have been better, but this was for a friend, and she doesn't do that kind of girly.  So straight it stayed.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

First Choice Boxers

I never, ever grown tired of this pattern.  It is super simple to make and quick too.

These are for my oldest boy for Christmas.  The deer fabric is a flannel I found at Hancock Fabric and the other is a polyester camo fabric also from Hancock.  That polyester was a bit tricky to work with on this pattern, because it is so slippery.

That little piece at the top is a matching pillow case.  There are two, also for my oldest boy for Christmas.  Here is a bigger pic. :)

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