Friday, September 13, 2013


These panels will be hung in Valdosta, but I'm hoping to have pics soon of them in place.  This panel hasn't been ironed, but honestly it didn't look any better when I did iron it. Grrrr.....  This is linen burlap fabric, and let me just say, it was a pain in my patooty to work with.

But something that made it a lot easier was this little jewel.  It's called grommet tape. Oh my, was this a life saver.  I learned about this wonderful stuff here.

That's the tape already pinned in place on the panel.  No measuring stinking holes!  Just pin, stitch, cut and place grommets!  It's really that simple.

This is what it looks like after stitching it down and cutting the hole.

This is what it looks like after I popped the front piece in.

Flip it over and it looks like this.

And from the back once the back piece is hammered on.  And yes I hammered, because I neglected to order the grommet setter.  They were very easy.

It took me right at an hour to get both panels grommeted (is that a word?!).  Maybe it should be! lol

I hope to have pics of the panels hung after this weekend.  Britt is taking them to Colby's.  We haven't decided what type of rod to use yet though, so that might delay us a bit.

Happy Friday!!


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