Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Boxers Galore!

Three more gifts under my belt.  Don't you think those Hawaiian themed ones are a hoot?! I can't wait to see their faces.  What guy doesn't want to prance around in floral boxers?  Lol.  I have another pair of Camo boxers that I finished yesterday that aren't pictured here.  Of course, once Robbie saw the Camo fabric he had to have a pair too.  In fact, he had all sorts of projects for me to do with the left overs.  I finally had to tell him NO, NO, NO - NO MORE PROJECTS.  I simply don't have time for him to continue to add projects to my plate when I'm in a time crunch to finish all my gifts.  I told him anything else he wanted me to do would have to wait until after Christmas - including his new UGA themed bedroom.  He just will not let up.  He gets something on his mind and he hangs on like a pit bull.  He should be a lawyer when he grows up or a car salesman or any salesman for that matter.  Sheesh!  I give in to him a lot just to silence him.  I know, I know - bad idea!  But sometimes I just need peace - just a little peace......  I told you I created a monster.  I never should have done that lion costume for him.  Now he thinks I'm talented.  hahahaha


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