Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A lesson in faith out of the mouth of a babe!

I was having a discussion with my friend, Donna, yesterday about some baby burp cloths I was making, and her daughter, Emma, was helping me with.  That brought up a story about a teacher at our school who is expecting a baby any day, and Donna and her girls were trying to think of a really cool gift to give her.  Since this pattern is soooooo easy, it would be something the girls themselves could do.

Anyway, this teacher had a really tough time getting pregnant with her first child who is now 6.  He recently asked his mom why he didn't have a baby brother or sister.  She tried to explain why, but he's 6, so the explanation had to be simplistic.  And in his simplistic thinking, he told her she couldn't give up.  Why wasn't she praying about it??  So he told her he would pray for a baby, and did he ever.  She didn't want to discourage him, but she didn't want him to get his hopes up either.  He prayed day and night - at bedtime, at dinner, at every meal, anytime he could.  And about a month later, are you ready????  She found out she was pregnant!!

So that little boy not only taught his mom a lesson in faith, he taught me one too.  We give up too easily.  Even if the prayers aren't answered, and they really are.  It just might not be the answer we wanted.  We still must be steadfast in our prayers.

Lesson learned!



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