Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Little Troublemaker!

I've had these ornament appliques for a very, very long time.  I kept them thinking I would do something with them eventually.  I had this great night shirt pattern and thought it would be perfect.  I was having a hard time though with the placement and thought it looked kind of plain with just the ornaments.  So it has been sitting for about 6 weeks.  The little troublemaker.  Anyway, when Britt was home for Thanksgiving, she suggested adding a pocket.  Emma thought that was a good idea too.  So when Emma was over this past weekend, we played around with it a bit.  We didn't like just a plain pocket.  Then I ran a rolled hemmed on 3 sides with the ric rac at the top, but it was still missing something.  We decided to applique a small candy cane out of some old red and white striped fabric I had on hand.  Then we just attached a little bow.  We were very pleased with the end result.  This is for my friend, Gracie, for Christmas.

I made a little night shirt like this for Britt when she was little, but I used Christmas trees instead.  It was so cute and one of her favorites.  There was a small star on the left tree and some little red balls for ornaments.  They have long been gone.  But one day when she has one of her own, we'll fix that, so it can be loved again.

I have one more gift left to make......the stupid pillow cases.  Remember the fiasco with the last one. Yikes!  Because I'm running out of time,  and Joannes doesn't have anymore of the white linen I need, and I'm terrified that any red will bleed again, I've decided to use the white linen I have and attach an applique and a band of color at the opening.  I should have these finished tomorrow and will post about them later in the week.  I'll attempt the embroidered pillow cases again one day, but I think it best to wait until after the holidays.  Otherwise, I'll be terribly cranky, and no one will want to be around me at Christmas.  And when mama is unhappy, everyone is unhappy. LOL

I did manage to finish the pillows for Rob's grandmother yesterday, and they are all stuffed with pillows.  I'll post on them tomorrow.  My camera battery was dead last night, so I had to charge it this morning.



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