Friday, December 16, 2011

Pretty Polka Dots

I found this cute polka dot fabric at Joannes and thought it was perfect for scarves for my nieces for Christmas.  I finished these up this week and got them off in the mail just in time.  These are the same Amy Butler pattern I've used before.  I finished the pillow cases yesterday, thank goodness, and that completes all of my sewing projects until after Christmas.  Britt and Robbie both have a number of projects for me to do.   So not to worry, I'll still have something to post on going into the new year.  Britt will be home this weekend and next week we will tackle a wood project.  I'll be borrowing a friend's power tools - wish me luck.  I hope I don't cut something I'm not supposed to.  You know like an arm or finger!  I'm excited though.  If that works out well, I'll tackle a few other wood projects.  My dh will be soooooo happy! You did detect that bit of sarcasm, no?  Not only have I taken over the kitchen, but now I'll be taking over the garage.  lol



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